“A small stylish but not-at-all-trendy restaurant and shop. It couldn’t be more French if it tried. But it doesn’t have to try. The interior is naturally airy, eclectic and personal, with shabby Provencal shutters…”

Juliet Shield, Restaurant Consultant, May 2015

“Le Capitain seemed pretty impressed – he knew the dishes, he knew the regions they came from, he seemed pretty darn happy with the taste – Go. Just go.”

Marcus Sedghi, Foodepedia, July 2015

“La Ferme feels homely and unpretentious, but the food is certainly top notch”

Emma Bartholomew, Hackney Gazette, October 2015

La Ferme London, un petit bout de campagne française. – Entrer dans La Ferme vous donne l’impression d’être invité dans une famille provençale.

Fatna, Le Bonbon, June 2016

“The music is discreet, composed mostly of French variety songs and jazz. And the food: simple and authentic dishes, impeccably presented…”

Justine Fretigne, France in London, July 2016

“Let’s be honest: I never saw a burger as sophisticated as this one – Presented on a little wooden board with side dish next to it, I couldn’t help but take a picture. Then the decisive moment came: tasting (suspense). The verdict? It was…”

Olivia Blanc, The Londoner, November 2016

“This tiny French restaurant serves homemade cuisine and the desserts are worthy of a high rated restaurant, both for the presentation and for the taste.”

Olivia from Les Allumettes, January 2017

World Class Dinner at La Ferme London”

Maya from A Foodie Girl, January 2017

“A stone’s throw from the foodie paradise of Exmouth Market”

Zoe Paskett, The Gazette, April 2017

“From first to last bite, it was clear La Ferme is everything it hopes to be, entirely successful in reimagining revered French food for the inquisitive Londoner’s palate.”

Lucy Rowe, Bookatable Blog, August 2017

Open for lunch and dinner Monday – Saturday.

For parties of 6 or more please contact